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may 29th

10 am cst


at home!


a virtual makeup school helping black women

Hey, I'm Zii!



Imagine if you could...

keep your makeup lasting longer

You wouldn't have to constantly check the mirror blotting your life away worried about looking shiny in your meeting or on your date.

cover your blemishes and dark under eye circles

Your darkness would no longer come through your foundation. You would look more awake and youthful.

walk the beauty aisle with confidence

You would no longer depend on the consultant to choose your products. you would know exactly what you're looking for on your own.

Selfie Polaroids.png

love your makeup before leaving home

You would no longer shy away from selfies with your friends or group pictures.

get ready at the last minute

Wow! No more declining sporadic outings with the crew because you don't know how to pull your look together.

go live and feel comfortable because you look the part

When your makeup is done, it actually makes you want to go live because you feel like people need to see you. Imagine feeling confident on camera!

What does beauty for Us university offer?

Beauty for Us University is a virtual, judgement-free learning space for you to learn the easiest way to do your own makeup at home.


You can achieve a natural, polished look no matter how much you already know or don't know.

  • Community (It's a vibe when you get around real women of faith who love dance, laugh, and learn!)

  • Judgement FREE Space (No shame about what you don't know no matter your age or learning level. Everyone is learning!)

  • FREE Classes Monthly (get quick wins)

  • PREMIUM Self-Paced Makeup School with a step-by-step curriculum

  • Fast Track Makeup Programs

Feel Confident Doing
Your Makeup at Home!

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This is for you if...

You're a beginner beginner!

You need someone to break it all the way down!

You want to look like yourself!

Learn how the skills needed to do a 15 min. NATURAL, polished look!

You want to feel confident applying your makeup!

Learn how to use the right brushes and apply the correct techniques so you can show up to your events with a glow!

A Free Gift for You!


The Makeup Map for Everyday Beginners

Learn 4 easy changes you can make NOW to get your makeup on the right track!

If you’re lost, feeling confused, but determined to learn how to do your makeup with confidence?


I want you to have my FREE Makeup Map!


What's Inside of the Makeup Map?

  • The most game-changing makeup steps to get you started on your makeup journey the right way!

  • My highly suggested list of makeup products to help you secure the bag!

  • Learn the difference between the makeup you’re doing vs. the makeup you actually want to do

What she said!

Testimonials from Students

Testimonial from Sharhonda, BU Student

Testimonial from Jacquelyn, BU Student

(Recorded after our Highlighting and Contouring Class) 


Meet Your Makeup Coach

My name is Zii (pronounced zee), and I'm excited you're here!

When I first started doing makeup, I thought I had to do the most - both on myself and on my clients. However, when I realized that I could keep it simple and still look beat, it took the overwhelm out of both artistry and DIY.​


Now I work with hundreds of women teaching them how to conquer my 10 minute makeup application while keeping it simple yet, flawless!


Although I've worked with celebrities, I thrive when teaching game-changing makeup skills to everyday women who hold it down as mothers, wives, teachers, nurses, lawyers, entrepreneurs and CEOs.


My mission for Better Than YT™ Makeup Class is to help everyday women create a makeup routine that maximizes their time, money and confidence while encouraging them to go after their dreams!